4 statistics on Eden Hazard’s performance improvement

Eden Hazard’s Dribbles and dispossession

Eden Hazard is famous for his dribbling skills. Only in the last 2 games, he has dribbled more than 5 times per game. Also, he has been dispossessed less frequently in the last 2 games. This should boost his confidence to raid opponent’s defense.

Eden Hazard - 2015-16 - Dribbles and Dispossession
Hazard – 2015-16 – Dribbles and Dispossession
Hazard’s Shots

Then comes his ability to test the goal keepers. For the first time this season, Hazard has shot 4 times and had 2 of them on target. This with Oscar and Pedro returning is enough for the Chelsea attack force to give enough to the opponents’ goal keepers.

Eden Hazard - 2015-16 - Shots
Hazard – 2015-16 – Shots
Hazard’s Passing

His passing has become better as well. He managed to pass 70 times only in the last 2 games. In 5 of the previous games, his average was just 56 passes.

Eden Hazard - 2015-16 - Passing
Hazard – 2015-16 – Passing
Hazard’s Involvement

Finally, his overall involvement in the game has improved drastically. In the initial games, he was never to be seen in action. Only in the last 2 games, he has had more than 85 touches per game.

Eden Hazard - 2015-16 - Touches
Hazard – 2015-16 – Touches

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