Arsenal vs Chelsea – will it be “The usual” result?

Arsène Wenger and José Mourinho locking their horns is one of the most exciting moments for the entire footballing planet. Arsène believes in playing his style irrespective of opponents whereas José believes in playing to counter opponents’ style. Though José is better than Arsène in terms of execution, Arsenal vs Chelsea – The London Derby – is made much more intense with they both are in charge.

Arsenal vs Chelsea: José leads head to head against Arsène

Mourinho has never lost against Wenger – winning 7 and losing none of the 12 games they have played against each other.

Arsenal vs Chelsea stats - Arsene's teams have only scored an average of 0.5 goals against Jose's teams
Arsene Wenger has never won against Jose Mourinho – Head to head
Cesc Fàbregas – Once a star, now a threat!

Fàbregas when he was in Arsenal and Barcelona was known to dim towards the season end. This season too he was about to take the same route when he neither assisted nor scored a league goal from January mid to March mid. But with 2 assists and a goal in the last 3 games, he is back to his form. He had also assisted Diego Costa during the league match against Arsenal in Stamford Bridge. This moment when he goes back to the place where he had his formative years – Emirates – will be too emotional and the trade he picked up at Arsenal – creativity – might hurt the Gunners.

Arsenal’s terrific form!

After boxing day, Arsenal has won 12 and lost only 2 of their 14 league games. If you consider the games after Boxing day, Arsenal tops the table followed by Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United by 4 points, 5 points and 6 points respectively. They are 14 points ahead of Manchester City with a game in hand. One may wonder, had Gunners played like this from the beginning of the season, they might have won the title. Well, reality is different – in Premier League rewards are for the most consistent team “throughout”.

Keeping the focus on Arsenal vs Chelsea aside, other teams to note in this analysis are:

  1. Crystal Palace – 5th placed as Alan Pardew has lifted this side into a toughie in Premier League
  2. Manchester City – Oh my god! No one would have expected this out of City. They are placed 9th trailing Arsenal by 14 points with one additional game played. They need to act quick to recover for next season.
League table - 2014-15 - After boxing day
League table – 2014-15 – After boxing day

All this said, the flip side is Arsenal vs Chelsea becomes so boring if Chelsea settles for a goal-less draw or an “usual” result 0-1 from counter attacking football. Football fans all around the world would not like it, but at the end of the day results are key to glory. Happy footballing!

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