EPL 2012-13 : Gameweek 1-5 : Analysis on Teams currently ranked 1 to 5

In the first 5 gameweeks, all the clubs had played 5 games except Reading and Sunderland (both clubs played 4 games so far). At the end of gameweek 5, let us analyze how the top 5 teams have played, their form, their strengths & weakness, key players and the way forward this season.

#1 Chelsea FC (Games Played:5, Points Scored:13):

Though Chelsea FC is in the top of the table with 4 wins and 1 draw, the opponents which it faced are currently in 10th, 13th, 15th, 19th and 20th positions. Hence, Chelsea so far hasn’t had any tough matches. Competing for the title, ideally Chelsea should have got all the 15 points. But 13 points is not bad either. In the goal scoring front, four teams have scored more than Chelsea. 4 goals came from defenders, 3 goals came from midfielders and 2 goals came from forwards. This is an area of concern and the Chelsea attack should start scoring much more. In the goals conceded, Chelsea has been one among the two teams (the other being Arsenal FC) with the lowest figure. Hence, defensively Chelsea has been better and Chelsea’s attacking line up and midfield should complement the defensive performance to hold on to the first position. The next five matches are very crucial as Chelsea plays Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester United. With these tough fixtures, if Chelsea remains at the top at the end of Gameweek 10, the challenge for title is really on.

Gameweek Opponent Home/Away Result Goals Current Rank
1 Wigan Away Win 0-2 15
2 Reading Home Win 4-2 20
3 Newcastle Home Win 2-0 10
4 QPR Away Draw 0-0 19
5 Stoke Home Win 1-0 13

#2 Manchester United (Games Played: 5, Points Scored: 12):

Though ManU has played two tough matches against Everton and Liverpool, Liverpool’s current position at 18 and the controversies surrounding the match suggests otherwise. And a loss against Everton, doesn’t help ManU’s form either. On the goal scoring front, they are one of the top scoring sides with 12 goals. Forwards have scored 7 goals with Van Persie alone scoring 5 goals. His addition has helped them thwart the risk of Rooney’s injury. But conceding 6 goals in 5 matches is definitely an area of concern, that too with the presence of Vidic and Ferdinand. ManU should concentrate on defense to be present among the top consistently. The next five matches are very tough for ManU with Tottenham, Newcastle, Stoke City, Chelsea and Arsenal. If ManU accumulates more than 10 points in these matches, they will be the strong contenders for the title.

Gameweek Opponent Home/Away Result Goals Current Rank
1 Everton Away Loss 1-0 3
2 Fulham Home Win 3-2 6
3 Southampton Away Win 2-3 16
4 Wigan Home Win 4-0 15
5 Liverpool Away Win 1-2 18

#3 Everton (Games Played: 5, Points Scored: 10):

Playing 2 of the games against the top 5 teams, 2 of the games against the mid-table teams and the rest with 14th placed Aston Villa has given Everton a very good start to the season. Keeping up the momentum built should be their objective now in order to aim for a better position that the last season. 4 goals are scored by forwards and 4 goals are scored by midfielders which is a very good mix. Fellaini being in the current form will be crucial in keeping up with the current streak. In the next 5 matches, only Liverpool derby match will be a tough match. Hence Everton should try to get the maximum out of these matches to be among the lead.

Gameweek Opponent Home/Away Result Goals Current Rank
1 Man Utd Home Win 1-0 2
2 Aston Villa Away Win 1-3 14
3 West Brom Away Loss 2-0 4
4 Newcastle Home Draw 2-2 10
5 Swansea Away Win 0-3 11

#4 West Brom (Games Played: 5, Points Scored: 10):

West Brom has also played very well with seven points out of its three tough fixtures so far (Liverpool, Tottenham and Everton). The attack hasn’t been spectacular, but the defense has done well with 3 clean sheets (Only 4 teams have had 3 or more clean sheets). They have the lowest Goal Difference among the top 6 teams. Attack has to be worked upon. In the next 5 matches, the tougher matches will be against Man City and Newcastle. Hence in such a situation, West Brom should try to make the most out the fixture.

Gameweek Opponent Home/Away Result Goals Current Rank
1 Liverpool Home Win 3-0 18
2 Tottenham Away Draw 1-1 8
3 Everton Home Win 2-0 3
4 Fulham Away Loss 3-0 6
5 Reading Home Win 1-0 20

#5 Arsenal (Games Played: 5, Points Scored: 9):

Many players shall come, grow, shine and leave! But Arsenal has always maintained its status of `above all its ‘made in arsenal fc’ star players`! I have started admiring Arsenal for its running for the title, season after season even after the loss of so many of its key players. Tough the story of them not able to clinch the title is there, any other club with such a situation would have never managed to keep their champions league spot over the years. Arsenal have so far played 5 matches and are in #5 because of its higher goal difference than Fulham and Man City. Their tough matches include Liverpool, Man City and Stoke (Stoke’s physical game has always proved to be tougher for Arsenal). One change to this Arsenal team is that the defensive line up is much better than the previous seasons. With three clean sheets and the way they remained solid without conceding to Man City towards the end (Conceding at the end has been a defining characteristics of Arsenal over the years) is a testimony for the same. Attack was neither spectacular nor pathetic. In the next 5 games, the Gunners have to face the first ranked Blues and the second ranked Red Devils. They should gather a minimum of 9 points in these 5 games to further their position.

Gameweek Opponent Home/Away Result Goals Current Rank
1 Sunderland Home Draw 0-0 12
2 Stoke Away Draw 0-0 13
3 Liverpool Away Win 0-2 18
4 Southampton Home Win 6-1 16
5 Man City Away Draw 1-1 7

Among these 5 teams, at the least 3 teams will retain their top 5 spot at the end of 10th gameweek. Let’s wait to see the positions then.

2 thoughts on “EPL 2012-13 : Gameweek 1-5 : Analysis on Teams currently ranked 1 to 5

  • September 25, 2012 at 20:44

    Nice one Shanky!!! Given United’s reputation as slow starters, the current position is a surprising one for me. United will only grow stronger as Sir Alex starts tightening the grips.
    I was very much impressed with Chelsea’s first three games but not happy with their performance in last two. Just started to feel that RDM should have signed one more genuine striker.
    Regarding Arsenal what can i say!!! Hats off to Arsene Wenger.

    • September 25, 2012 at 20:47

      Thanks a lot MP! 🙂


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