EPL 2012-13 : Gameweek 1-5 : Analysis on Teams currently ranked 16 to 20

In my three previous articles, we saw how the top 15 teams in the English Premier League have played, their form, their strengths & weakness, key players and the way forward this season at the end of 5th gameweek. In this article we will analyze the same for the bottom five teams.

#16 Southampton (Games Played:5, Points Scored:3):

For a club which just got promoted to play Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal within the first 5 games is the toughest task. Though the team put up a good competition against City and United, Arsenal shattered them. Still, they do have their strengths. They won Aston Villa by a very good margin (4-1). They are the highest scoring club in the bottom 9 teams. But, they are the highest conceding team too with 15 goals conceded with an average of 3 goals per game. Apart from Spurs, they don’t have any big teams in the next 5 games. Hence, their results in the other 4 games will reveal whether they will fight out to stay in EPL or not.

Gameweek Opponent Home/Away Result Goals Current Rank
1 Man City Away Loss 3-2 7
2 Wigan Home Loss 0-2 15
3 Man Utd Home Loss 2-3 2
4 Arsenal Away Loss 6-1 5
5 Aston Villa Home Win 4-1 14

#17 Norwich (Games Played:5, Points Scored:3):

Norwich are the lowest goal scorers in the league right now scoring just 2 goals so far. They were relatively better among the bottom 7 teams in defense, that too with conceding 5 goals in a single match. The biggest problem to them right now is the next three fixtures. They are against Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal. Getting a points against all these three matches will be next to impossible. With such tough fixtures, Norwich will probably go still down in the rankings at the end of gameweek 10.

Gameweek Opponent Home/Away Result Goals Current Rank
1 Fulham Away Loss 5-0 6
2 QPR Home Draw 1-1 19
3 Tottenham Away Draw 1-1 8
4 West Ham Home Draw 0-0 9
5 Newcastle Away Loss 1-0 10

#18 Liverpool (Games Played:5, Points Scored:2):

The surprise package this season is to see Liverpool at this spot after 5 games. Liverpool met Arsenal, Man Utd and Man City in their home and just got one point. Home advantage is very significant in the league and big teams coming to home and going back easily with points signal that the club is no longer a tough team. Loss against West Brom by 3-0 is another sad tale. It’s time for the new manager to knit the team. Their first win of the season came against West Brom is the only relief for them right now. Next 5 games too aren’t doable for Liverpool. If they couldn’t turn things around even by the end of gameweek 10, it will be too late then.

Gameweek Opponent Home/Away Result Goals Current Rank
1 West Brom Away Loss 3-0 4
2 Man City Home Draw 2-2 7
3 Arsenal Home Loss 0-2 5
4 Sunderland Away Draw 1-1 12
5 Man Utd Home Loss 1-2 2

#19 QPR (Games Played:5, Points Scored:2):

To be frank, I never expected QPR to be at this position. With Ji-Sung Park, Cisse, Granero, Bosingwa, Zamora and Julio Cesar, they weren’t able to perform better. They either aren’t gelling together or they aren’t managed well. They did had tough matches against Man City, Chelsea and Tottenham, but a loss of 0-5 at home to Swansea suggests there needs to be a change in the club. In the next 5 matches, they need to start winning against West Brom, West Ham and Reading.

Gameweek Opponent Home/Away Result Goals Current Rank
1 Swansea Home Loss 0-5 11
2 Norwich Away Draw 1-1 17
3 Man City Away Loss 3-1 7
4 Chelsea Home Draw 1-1 1
5 Tottenham Away Loss 2-1 8

 #20 Reading (Games Played:4, Points Scored:1):

Reading started the season with a draw. They put up a fight against Chelsea and Tottenham but it didn’t bear them any fruit. This is not how teams which usually stay in their promoted league perform. In the next five games, apart from the Liverpool match, their will to compete and stay will become clear enough.

Gameweek Opponent Home/Away Result Goals Current Rank
1 Stoke Home Draw 1-1 13
2 Chelsea Away Loss 4-2 1
3 Tottenham Home Loss 1-3 8
4 West Brom Away Loss 1-0 4

Among these 5 teams, most probably 3 teams will remain in the bottom five spots at the end of 10th gameweek. Let’s wait to see the positions then.

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