EPL 2012-13 : Gameweek 1-5 : Analysis on Teams currently ranked 6 to 10

In my previous article, EPL 2012-13 : Gameweek 1-5 : Analysis on Teams currently ranked 1 to 5, we saw how the top 5 teams have played, their form, their strengths & weakness, key players and the way forward this season at the end of 10th gameweek. In this article we will analyze the same for the next five teams.

#6 Fulham (Games Played:5, Points Scored:9):

In the first five games, Fulham has played only one tough opponent which is Manchester United. Match against West Ham is also tough for them and they lost that as well. Winning the three other teams has given a message that Fulham will fight it tough to be in the top half of the table. Their attacking line up is good relatively as they have amassed 12 goals so far (same as ManU). Signing of Berbatov has increased their attacking fire power. They had kept 2 clean sheets with Norwich and West Brom. Hence from this, it is clear that they are stronger among these perceptional smaller teams. But when they play a competitive side, they are struggling. In the next 5 matches, they play against Manchester City which will be a very tough game for them. Against Aston Villa and Everton, if Fulham is able to get more than 3 points they would be able to keep their top half of the table finish.

Gameweek Opponent Home/Away Result Goals Current Rank
1 Norwich Home Win 5-0 17
2 Man Utd Away Loss 3-2 2
3 West Ham Away Loss 3-0 9
4 West Brom Home Win 3-0 4
5 Wigan Away Win 1-2 15

#7 Manchester City (Games Played:5, Points Scored:9):

In the first five games of the season for Manchester City, only one thing was confirmed. It will be a breathtaking task for them to challenge for the title. There are several reasons for that.

  1. Though they have remained unbeaten in the first five matches, they have played four teams with ranks 13, 16, 18 and 19. A win against these teams in essential to challenge for the crown.
  2. They along with Spurs are the only two teams to have scored and conceded in all the five games. Though it is good for its attack, its defensive woes are plenty. Even in the Champions league loss against Madrid and the league cup loss to Aston Villa their defense is the reason for their failure.
  3. Mancini’s outburst on the sidelines have increased very much. The post-match press conferences accusing the defenders just adds to it. This is just the outburst of the pressure on him to deliver.
  4. One of the Key players Silva is not in his form. Two of the other Key players like Milner and Nasri are injury bound.

The next five matches are really easy for the current champions and it is expected that Man City wins more than 12 points from these games.

Gameweek Opponent Home/Away Result Goals Current Rank
1 Southampton Home Win 3-2 16
2 Liverpool Away Draw 2-2 18
3 QPR Home Win 3-1 19
4 Stoke Away Draw 1-1 13
5 Arsenal Home Draw 1-1 5

#8 Tottenham Hotspur (Games Played:5, Points Scored:8):

A new regime under AVB started worse with a loss at Newcastle away and back to back draws at home matches against Norwich and West Brom. But they recovered in the further matches by winning in both of them, but they are the current bottom two in the table and Spurs have conceded goals with them too. The attack much depends on Defoe as he scored half of the goals the team has scored. Defensively they have to become better as they also (like Manchester City) have conceded in all the matches. Also they hadn’t had any tough matches so far. Hence they need to gel together and get going with the manager’s style quicker in order to stay in the top half. Considering Tottenham has to play Man Utd, Aston Villa and Chelsea, it will be very difficult for them to stay in the top half at the end of gameweek 10.

Gameweek Opponent Home/Away Result Goals Current Rank
1 Newcastle Away Loss 2-1 10
2 West Brom Home Draw 1-1 4
3 Norwich Home Draw 1-1 17
4 Reading Away Win 1-3 20
5 QPR Home Win 2-1 19

#9 West Ham United (Games Played:5, Points Scored:8):

West Ham United is the team in the top 10 with the lowest number of goals (5 goals in 5 matches) scored. Kevin Nolan scoring 3 of the 5 goals should also be a worry as the team depends on him very much. Defensively the team has done well. They have conceded only 4 goals. They have had 3 clean sheets (Only 4 teams have had a clean sheet of 3 or more in these 5 games). West Ham hadn’t had any tough matches so far. Apart from Fulham, all the other opponents so far are in the bottom half of the table. In the next 5 games, West Ham has two tougher matches against Arsenal and Manchester City. Hence they have to gather as many points possible from the other three matches to retain the mid table position.

Gameweek Opponent Home/Away Result Goals Current Rank
1 Aston Villa Home Win 1-0 14
2 Swansea Away Loss 3-0 11
3 Fulham Home Win 3-0 6
4 Norwich Away Draw 0-0 17
5 Sunderland Home Draw 1-1 12

#10 Newcastle United (Games Played:5, Points Scored:8):

Newcastle has already played Tottenham, Chelsea, Astonvilla and Everton all of which are competitive for them. And they succeeded in coming in the top half of the table. All its goals have come from Demba Ba and Ben Arfa which shows the team’s reliance on them for goals. They had only one clean sheet so far against Norwich. Against the other teams, it was tougher for Newcastle to keep a clean sheet. Hence in the upcoming 5 matches, we will come to know how they play defensively against the perceptional smaller teams Reading, Sunderland and West Brom. Against the heavyweights Manchester United and Liverpool they have to prove their point to show their real presence in the top half.

Gameweek Opponent Home/Away Result Goals Current Rank
1 Tottenham Home Win 2-1 8
2 Chelsea Away Lost 2-0 1
3 Aston Villa Home Draw 1-1 14
4 Everton Away Draw 2-2 3
5 Norwich Home Win 1-0 17

Among these 5 teams, at the least 2 teams will retain their top half table spot at the end of 10th gameweek. Let’s wait to see the positions then.

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