FIFA World Cup – Squad Analysis of Champions

In the World Cup Squad composition analysis, players in World Cup 2014 squads were analyzed. How are their profile in relation to the World Cup winners? Let’s check it out in this article.

Look at the chart below:

Number of World Cup Winners distributed by age
Number of World Cup Winners distributed by age

More players have won World Cup at the age of 24 & 29 than at any other age. If you compare this with the current FIFA World Cup squads, more players are at the age of 27, 28, 29 and 24. The best players are generally chosen for the World Cup and the best of the best players predominantly win the World Cup. This chart is an evidence for the fact that the football players attain their peak of their careers in 2 phases of their footballing life: One at around 23/24 and another at around 28/29.

Everyone knows Brazil has won the most number of World Cups. But, did Brazil’s league system has produced most number of World Cup Winners? No. Italian Leagues have produced the most number of World Cup winners followed by Brazilian Leagues and German Leagues. Surprisingly for an event represented by so many countries, followed by so many countries and played by players from so many countries’ leagues, Only 10 Countries’ leagues players have won the World Cup (Japan and Mexico leagues have produced only one World Cup winner).

FIFA World Cup - Number of World Cup Winners based on Countries' Leagues
FIFA World Cup – Number of World Cup Winners based on Countries’ Leagues

England’s league system and France’s league system have produced only 28 World Cup winners (7th highest) and 16 World Cup winners (8th highest) respectively. I think the next question in your mind is the number of times when these leagues produced winners for a different country. This question is important because (1) the league producing more World Cup winners are definitely attracting more talent (as in pure talent) and (2) the leagues of Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina has only produced World Cup winners of their respective countries.

FIFA World Cup - Foreign Club Players who have won World Cup
FIFA World Cup – Foreign Club Players who have won World Cup

This chart tells us that Italy and Spain has outclassed England, France and Germany in attracting World Class players. But England sure are doing a great job in attracting lot of good players. Do you know how many players have been playing from England’s league system in World Cup 2014? 114 players! More than 15% of players playing in FIFA World Cup 2014 are playing in England’s league system.

Now that we have Germany and Argentina in Finals, let’s see what they have in common with the previous World Cup Champions. Germany squad is young and experienced whereas Argentina squad is old and not-so-experienced. Only 3 players of Argentina play in their Country’s League system whereas Germany has 16 such players. In the last 3 world cups, a minimum of 13 players in the winning squad played in the Home Country League System. Germany has more qualities same as the previous winners than Argentina. It’ll be exciting to know how the final match turns out to be.

World Cup Winners vs Argentina vs Germany
World Cup Winners vs Argentina vs Germany

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