Match Dossier – Manchester City vs Chelsea – 24 Feb 2013

A look into the various form factors of both these teams and what are the possible directions the league might proceed with this match results:

Current Form: [Both teams equally aren’t impressive]

Last 5 matches, both the teams have got 8 points each. But in the last 3 matches, Manchester City got just 2 points and Chelsea got 4 points. There is no significant edge for any team.

Home and Away Form: [Thumbs up for Chelsea]

In the last 6 home matches, Manchester City have got 11 points. In the last 6 away matches, Chelsea have got 13 points. Considering playing at away games to be tougher than at home games, Chelsea has an edge on the Home/Away form.

Head-to-Head Form: [Etihad – Fortress against Chelsea]

In their last 5 meetings, City have won 2 at their home and Chelsea have won 2 and drew 1 at their home. Hence, 4 home wins in 5 matches is a significant trend in favor of Manchester City. In their last 3 encounters at Etihad Stadium, Citizens have won all. That’s a strong trend in building the fortress against Chelsea.

Player Form (Attack): [Pensioners – Sharp on goal]

Tevez, who has the maximum number of assists for City, hadn’t played in the last two matches. City are not in their strong attack form. Fernando Torres has assisted in all the last three matches. Frank Lampard has scored in all the last 4 matches. Though not strong, Chelsea are better than City in the attack recently.

Player Form (Defense): [Citizens – Solid in the back]

Chelsea hadn’t kept a single clean sheet in its last 5 matches. Manchester City had kept 4 clean sheets in their last 6 matches. Citizens are in fact solid in the defense.

Hart and Lampard
Hart and Lampard

Directions in which the league might steer:

  1. Manchester City win will not help them target 1st position, but will help remain distant from 3rd position. Loss for Chelsea would put Spurs at an advantage to move to 3rd spot. Competing at 3rd spot would bring new levels of spirit and motivation to the team.
  2. A draw would put both the teams at a disadvantage. The advantage would be to Spurs who can target 2nd spot sooner if they win against West Ham.
  3. A win for Chelsea would place them one point less than Manchester City. It would be exciting if Spurs moves one point less than Chelsea. It would be a brilliant competition for 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions.

Looking forward to this exciting match between these under-performing giants!

If you have any statistics related to this match, please post it in comments. It will be published in EPL Statistics.

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