How is Gonzalo Higuaín placed among Juventus forwards?

Gonzalo Higuaín has moved Napoli to Juventus for a transfer fee of £75.3 million. Transfer fees of clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Manchester City and Paris St. Germain has hit astronomical figures. Juventus haven’t been signing players at a high cost in the recent times owing to the scandal and the inability of Serie A to catch up with the likes of English Premier League and Spanish La Liga in terms of doing business globally. However, they are now returning into the stratosphere of transfer spending.

Why did the Old Lady spend so much on Higuaín? There ought to be a reason. On comparison of his performance with Juventus players last season, we can figure out that he has scored twice the goals of their top scoring forward Paulo Dybala. In fact, he has scored (36 goals) more than all the Juventus forwards combined (31 goals). It’s a remarkable figure.

Higuain - against Juventus players
Higuain – against Juventus players

In terms of shots on target too, he has had more than two times of shots on target than Paulo Dybala. Juventus forwards’ combined shots on target is 72. Gonzalo Higuaín has himself had 83 shots on target. He has a decent record in terms of successful dribbles placing him only second to Paulo Dybala. In the aerial challenges, he hasn’t fared well and could only better Paulo Dybala. Nevertheless, the statistics show that he has had a remarkable season in front of the goal.

For Juventus, it means weakening Napoli and ensuring that they got stronger to win the title again this season for the sixth consecutive season. It’s a feet only Juventus had managed to achieve before between 1930 and 1935. After 82 seasons, they can match their own record. I am eagerly waiting to see how the title fight turns out and how Higuaín helps the Zebras in the title race. Napoli has to figure out how to replace their mercurial striker with the bounty they have got.

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