Match Dossier – Tottenham Hotspurs vs Arsenal – 03 Mar 2013

One of the most exciting rivalries of English Football is the North London Derby contested between Tottenham Hotspurs and Arsenal. This time is much more exciting as the race for the Champions League spot gets intense. They are separated by just 4 points. Spurs are in 3rd place and Arsenal are in 5th place with Chelsea sandwiched between them. A look into various form factors of Spurs and Gunners:

Current Form: [Slight advantage for Spurs]

Spurs are now undefeated in 11 matches and are in a very strong run. Gunners are now undefeated in 5 matches. Though a not matching run, both the teams have won all their last 3 matches. Spurs have a slight and not-so-significant advantage over Gunners.

Home and Away Form: [Lilywhites gets an upper hand]

In the last 7 home matches, Spurs were undefeated. Spurs have amassed 14 points in their last 6 home matches whereas Gunners have got 11 points from their last 6 away matches. Considering playing at away games to be tougher than at home games, Tottenham has an edge on the Home/Away form.

Head-to-Head Form: [Swinging between Lane and Emirates]

In the last 15 meetings between these teams at White Hart Lane, both teams have scored at least in 14 of them. Hence, the probability of seeing a clean sheet is very low. In the last 12 matches, 8 ended in draw and 2 ended in favor of each team. But in the last 4 away matches, Arsenal haven’t won against Tottenham. In their last 5 matches at both homes, 2 matches were won each by both teams and one match ended in a draw. There is no significant advantage for any team. The only assurance is that the match will be all spiced up and delivered.

Player Form (Attack): [Both teams armored heavily]

In the last 6 matches, Arsenal have scored in all the matches with an average of 2 goals/game. Santi Cazrola have scored in the last 2 matches and is in top attack form. Gareth Bale is in his top form of his career and has scored 6 out of the last 4 matches. Spurs have scored in all their last 5 matches.

Player Form (Defense): [Lack of defensive discipline]

Both teams have just 2 clean sheets in their last 6 matches. They have conceded 6 and 5 goals in their last 6 matches. Defense will not be solid as it has not been the strength for both these teams.

Directions in which the league might steer:

  1. Tottenham win: Spurs will give a tough challenge to Manchester City and Chelsea for the 2nd spot. Arsenal will lose out it’s grip on Champions League spot fight.
  2. Draw: Spurs will mostly lose the third position to Chelsea. Arsenal will not be affected from the current state much as it would just be an opportunity lost.
  3. Arsenal win: Manchester City will become an untouchable of 2nd spot. The competition for 3rd, 4th and 5th position will become tight with just a point difference between Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal. This possibility will make the competition more interesting and exciting.

Verdict: Form factor is tilted towards Spurs lightly.

If you have any statistics related to this match, please post it in comments. It will be published in EPL Statistics.

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