Mourinho’s squad travels the least distance for pre-season games

The pre-season schedule of the Premier League sides have been finalized. Among the spectacular six, José Mourinho’s Manchester United side will be traveling the least and Antonio Conte’s Chelsea squad will be traveling the most before a spectacular Premier League 2016-17 season kicks off.

2016-17 - EPL Preseason miles
2016-17 – EPL Preseason miles

Arsenal squad plays only 4 games, 2 of which are to be played in the United States (US). That’s the single long distance travel that the squad awaits. After a tiresome Euro 2016, this seems a pretty decent schedule for the Gunners. Only Manchester City is a competitive enough opponent among these 4 teams.

Chelsea squad plays 5 games, 3 of which are in the US. However, in the US they play games across various locations resulting in a very long travel. Their squad is in fact traveling more than 1700 miles than Manchester United’s. Chelsea plays Liverpool, Real Madrid and Milan as they face heavyweights from 3 top league systems.

Leicester City squad also plays 5 games with only one game to be played in the US. Their travel schedule is relatively decent and due to a fantastic season, they are playing Barcelona, Manchester United and Paris St. Germain this time. It’s a winner takes all world.

Liverpool has a very hectic pre-season playing 8 teams traveling longer distances and tougher teams like Chelsea, Milan, Roma and Barcelona. Liverpool’s squad requires a boost of confidence getting into the tournament. I doubt it will happen this way.

Manchester City play only 4 games and all with toughies – Pep Guardiola’s former club Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal and Manchester United. A wise decision for raising the bar for the team to challenge for the title even before kick off.

Manchester United travels the least among these 6 teams and they play 3 games in England and 2 games in China. Their opponents are a mix of different teams with varying difficulty levels. A glimpse of how Manchester derby will happen can be witnessed in the friendly against Manchester City. Mourinho vs Pep would be delight for Premier League.

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