Premier League analysis – Big Influencers in Top 9 teams

Premier League Top 9 Teams Goal Split by Position
Premier League Top 9 Teams Goal Split by Position

There is always an instinct in us that says so-and-so club’s midfield/forward is solid and they contribute a lot to the team’s goals in relative to other positions. In this article, we will try to validate or invalidate some of our instincts.


  1. 82% of Manchester United goals have come from the strikers (mainly Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie). Their lack of goals from the Midfield is a big concern and has affected their season much.
  2. Because of the huge influence of Suarez and Sturridge, Liverpool’s 68% of goals came up from strikers. Absence of any of these players would be a big impact to the club.
  3. Other teams where strikers are the big influencers are Southampton, Newcastle United and Manchester City.


  1. Chelsea is the team with high domination of Midfielders. The biggest concern for Chelsea is that their defenders have scored and equal number of goals as their strikers. If their strikers aren’t scaling up their goal tally, challenging for title would become an uphill task.
  2. Arsenal Midfield has scored 60% of their goals. As a testimony to their attacking form, 93% of their goals have come up from their forwards and midfielders. Maybe as they do their job, defense does their job effectively and helped in conceding very less number of goals.
  3. Though Tottenham seems dominated from the Midfield, the number of goals they scored is so less to come up with such a conclusion.


  1. Everton has 82% of their goals from their Strikers and Midfielders. Their goal split is almost even that they both are equally contributing to the success the club is enjoying this season so far. There is a strong belief that Lukaku is the main contributor for Everton’s goals and that is 100% true as almost one-third of Everton’s goals are scored by him.

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