Torres – A career in question at Bridge!

In Roman Abramovich’s regime in Chelsea, the immediate objective of any new manager is the Champions League. Surprisingly, it is not so for Chelsea FC’s new manager Andre Villas Boas. Rather it is to rebuild the team and change the style of play. On trying to achieve that, he hadn’t got into the business of buying expensive stars. He realized that the squad already has stars who are not in form. One such player is Fernando Torres. Villas Boas understood that Torres will have to play a key role in the upcoming years considering the age of the star strikers Anelka and Drogba. He didn’t want to waste the 50 million dollars spent on the once deadly striker in the world. Instead he tried to transform Torres back to what he was once. 

How could Villas Boas achieve that? First thing that he did was to take the limelight out of El Nino who was pressured by the Media. Media pressed on the fact that Torres had scored just one goal in last season and increased the pressure on him to score goals as such. It wasn’t their business anyways. The role of the press is some times supportive and some times destructive. And here it is latter role that was taken. Even in the case of Andriy Shevchenko, this happened. They were continuously blaming Mourinho for not using him. Now, when Torres is extensively used, they blame about his form. Media needs sensational news and they do that. No one can change it. So, it is better to change the player’s perspective on Media. That is exactly what Villas Boas did. He may not by 100% successful. But he has done his part.
Next thing is the support for Torres from the team. Torres hadn’t settled comfortably in the team. For this he brought two midfielders, Juan Mata from Valencia and Raul Meireles from Liverpool. The former could play a bigger role in bringing Torres back to form as he is his National compatriot and he could also aid in providing the Chelsea midfield, the much sought after creativity. Raul Meireles  could feed the strikers through his long balls regularly and is extensively required. Increasing the pace of midfield is the main focus for Villas Boas and he has achieved it. It can only be better from here. 
Then the prime focus is to give Torres enough chance. There is a big problem. Given the form of Didier Drogba, it is tough to make him sit in the bench. Whoever does that stands out and Villas Boas did that. In the process, no one could notice any regrets from Drogba as well. That is a welcome thing. Given the time and freedom to Torres, he now feels Chelsea as his home. The fans are completely behind him and that is very crucial. He hasn’t started performing to his 100%. But there were glimpses of the positioning and instinctive moves noticed out of him which are just the indicators of his return. 
Given the progress he has made recently, he could help Villas Boas in re-building the club better. Soon we can see a completely new squad of Chelsea which would compete in all the competitions strongly as it did during Mourinho’s regime. And Villas Boas will be remembered as the Special One was remembered. There is of course one difference that will emerge: Villas Boas would have utilized the expensive striker signed much better than what Mourinho did.

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