Willian boost to Chelsea’s revival hopes

Every one who tries to keep the blue flag fly high has a special respect for Willian. He is the only player to commit 100% of his energy and passion for Chelsea in the tumultuous season. 2015-16 witnessed the other Chelsea players’ lack of desire to fight. Willian is one of the few exceptions. On José Mourinho’s appointment as the manager of Manchester United, rumors had it that Willian will follow him to Old Trafford. But I always had a feeling that Willian fought for the club and not just for the manager. He proved it true by signing a contract extension till 2020 with Chelsea.

Willian performance 2015-16
Willian performance 2015-16

His contract extension is a huge boost to Chelsea fans and the incoming manager Conte. Fans love his traits like 100% contribution to the club, high energy levels, end-to-end running, screamers from long ranges and keeping cool. Willian, Oscar, Pedro and Eden Hazard can play in their 3 advanced midfield positions. The combination is not so lethal. The combo had already peaked in 2014-15 season. Even a repeat performance might not help as the Manchester clubs are loading up their heavy weapons. A fresh signing in the advanced midfield position is required for Chelsea to add creativity, freshness and flair in their attack.

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